Stanley Film Festival Trailer: Holistic Psychothriller, Sun Choke



There’s a new, more sinister side to Barbara Crampton in the trailer for upcoming Stanley Film Festival World Premiere, Sun Choke.

Directed by Ben Cresciman, Sun Choke has an air of holistic horror about it as lead Janie (Sarah Hagan) is placed on a wellness regimen following a psychotic break. Her caregiver is Crampton, who takes on a low, protective, manipulative register in the preview. As Janie begins to recover, she develops an obsessive relationship with a young woman outside of her nanny’s watchful eye. 

THR debuted the trailer, and writer-director Cresciman tells the site, “Where the scares come from are what will be the next turn in this increasingly complicated relationship with her caretaker, and how her increasingly obsessive relationship with this new young woman she encounters drives her to deeper and more terrifying depths of invasiveness,”

Sun Choke premieres Saturday May 2 in Estes Park, CO at the approaching Stanley Film Festival— that which takes place at the historic hotel that inspired The Shining. The film is one of three Crampton has at the fest, including New England horror We Are Still Here and anniversary screening and celebration of Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animtaor. The spectacular lineup of both films and special events—like the Shock co-hosted horror trivia—can all be seen right here.

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