Tribeca Film Festival 2015: The Genre Preview with Programmer Cara Cusumano


In 2015, the Tribeca Film Festival packs a lot of variety into a comparatively small Midnight section. In just five films, the lineup runs a gamut. Senior Programmer Cara Cusumano runs it down: “We have a documentary. We have a thriller. We have a foreign language film. We have a creature feature. We have a corrupt cop movie.” That’s not to mention the zombie drama, ghost mystery, familial thriller and intimate post-apocalypse outliers. It’s something Cusumano is proud of, as any festival programmer would be.

“Our overall approach and sensibility at the festival is to put a lot of different things in play with each other,” Cusumano tells Shock. “For instance, in our competition – it’s international and American films all together, films that have been at other festivals, films that are World Premieres. We really like to break down a lot of those traditional boundaries. We’re a festival that responds really well to new ideas, new voices, people who are doing something special and different. So I think it’s not surprising that our Midnight section would not be five typical horror movies in a row. That well rounded-ness is something we go for; it’s pretty typical of every section at the festival.”

This year, the festival’s genre/cultish slate hones in on singular, strange and unfamiliar points-of-view, be it Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unexpected first go in a zombie film; or the latest from the warped mind of Adrian Garcia Bogliano; or Emelie’s twist on a familiar horror personality: The Babysitter. Cusumano spoke with Shock about slate, Midnight and non, in anticipation of the annual New York City-based event.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs April 15-26. For full film, ticket and screening info, head right here.


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