James Wan: The Conjuring 2 ‘Set in England’



Almost since the release of haunter hit The Conjuring—based on case files from famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren—the rumor has been that The Conjuring 2 would take inspiration from an incident referred to as ”The Enfield Poltergeist.” With director James Wan set to officially return to helm the sequel, it seems talk and image grow nearer to confirming such. 

Speaking to ScreenCrush about the release of this weekend’s Furious 7, Wan briefly touched on The Conjuring 2, saying “For this next one, it’s set in England and it has a very different vibe than the first movie. It still lives in the same world, but the location and the next case they have, has a different flavor to it. So I’m very excited.” That’s in addition to a recent Instagram update from the director, which placed him directly in the London Borough of Enfield.


A very nice day to stumble into this quaint neighborhood. #Enfield

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To briefly summarize, the “Enfield Poltergeist” case concerned two possessed sisters. The phenomena that enraptured the UK in 1978 took hold in the home of Peggy Hodgson as strange occurrences swirled around two of her four children, sisters Margaret and Janet. Long suspected to be hijinks of the girls, reports of chilling knocking sounds, moving furniture, flying objects and ultimately levitation, possessed voices and contortion all came out of the ordeal. Janet, in particular, was the center of the activity and the one who allegedly levitated (in one of the famous photos, seen below) as well as the vessel through which the demonic voice spoke. One of the girls even “dematerialized,” vanishing for 17 minutes and reappearing twisted up in a cabinet.

The Conjuring 2, to be directed by Wan from a script by Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes, is set for release June 10, 2016. Both Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are expected to return.