IFC Dates John McNaughton’s The Harvest


An International Premiere at last summer’s Fantasia Film Festival and a selection at Lincoln Center’s annual Scary Movies in New York, John McNaughton’s The Harvest is set for release this April from IFC Midnight. 

From the director of the revered Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerThe Harvest stars Michael Shannon and Samantha Morton. In the film, “Maryann (Natasha Calis) moves in with her grandparents after she’s orphaned. Desperately lonely, the preteen sets out to befriend a neighboring deathly ill, bed-ridden boy (Charlie Tahan), despite the outright disapproval of his mother (Morton). Maryann’s persistence pays off, however, and during a series of secret visits she gradually uncovers some seriously sinister goings-on in the house…”

Pegged as a dark fairy tale, The Harvest is the first feature from McNaughton in close to 15 years. IFC Midnight releases on VOD and at NYC’s IFC Center on April 10th. Find a fest trailer, below. 


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