It Follows to Success; To Be Radius’ Highest Grosser



Following a huge expansion in its third week of theatrical, David Robert Mitchell’s stunner It Follows is on track to debut at #5 this weekend, as well as chart as distributor Radius-TWC’s highest grossing release. 

Though labeled as a disappointment by some, It Follows‘ first weekend of wide release is expected to gross $4M, putting the independent horror film in the Top 5, and building strong word-of-mouth from both audiences and critics. Variety reports the film will be the highest grossing for Radius, who historically have gone day-and-date with theatrical and VOD, but took a different route here, thanks to immense praise and buzz. I admittedly am unlearned in the box office game, but it’s certainly heartening to see the terrific film chart where it did, as well as hear it will continue to expand, giving excited folks more opportunity to see it on a big screen. 

Did you see It Follows this weekend? How did the general audience react? You can continue to catch the film onscreen this week, which is a pleasant breakthrough as most of the best horror is obviously hitting VOD. It’s a really great release in a month of really great releases. I hope you’ll support It Follows, as well as Spring and Backcountry as well. 

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