Kevin Smith Animates Gory Red State Alternate Ending



For even fans of Red State, does the ending feel a bit restrained? It?s common knowledge that the blaring horns in its final moments were meant to herald more than they did. Now, filmmaker Kevin Smith has detailed his vision in full, presenting an animated alternate ending to his first horror effort. 

Red State saw Kevin Smith take a turn toward the genre, one he?s still fulfilling with the likes of Tusk and Yoga Hosers. In that 2011 film, a group of teenage boys are lured into and trapped by a fundamentalist church, led by Michael Parks. The movie then pushes toward a showdown between the fanatical congregation and a John Goodman-led ATF. It?s there that the horns blare and Smith ended up rewriting what was intended.

Debuting on Entertainment Weekly‘s Scene Unseen, Smith has now animated and narrated the original envisioned ending for Red State, explaining both the ending and what killed it. It’s a scene which would likely not improve the film greatly (Parks already does the best he can), but would certainly make it a bit more ludicrous, supernatural and splatter heavy.