Hannibal’s Nick Antosca Writing New Friday the 13th


friday the 13th redo

Nick Antosca, whose work writing and producing Hannibal can be seen in the upcoming third season, will pen a new draft of the developing new Friday the 13th.

THR reports the news of Antosca writing, but reveals little of the direction the film will take. To be directed by The Signal and V/H/S‘ David Bruckner, the site says Friday the 13th (2016) is expected to be found footage, but just last month, producer Brad Fuller told Esquire the opposite (“Fuller insists Friday the 13thwill not follow the found-footage trend…). The producer, who works alongside Andrew Form and Michael Bay at Platinum Dunes, did seem enamored and intrigued by why Jason endures, however, and why he always comes back. 

Antosca also penned The Forest for David Goyer, an upcoming horror film based in Japan’s Sea of Trees in Aokigahara Forest, where many choose to end their lives. As of now, the new Friday the 13th is set for release on May 13th, 2016.