Trailer: Schwarzenegger Zombie Film, Maggie



Remaining largely wordless in the first trailer for his zombie drama, Maggie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays stoic and weary as he tries to protect a changing, deteriorating daughter from the post-zombie apocalypse world around them. 

Directed by Henry Hobson, Maggie looks to have both the aesthetic and earnestness of a farmland drama, one in which an outbreak of the undead has been dealt with long enough to establish quarantine and transformation rules. Clearly, Arnold is willing to disregard them to spend more time with his daughter and trying to save her. Abigail Breslin stars as the eponymous Maggie, and it looks as if she gets a balanced amount of tender and gruesome moments throughout. 

Maggie World Premieres at New York City’s upcoming Tribeca Film Festival this April 22, before hitting theaters and VOD from Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions on May 8th. If you’re in NYC, find info on its Tribeca showings here. [The Film Stage]