It Follows Expands to 1,200 Theaters This Friday



It Follows is terrific. Yet, in the many ways I’ve put that across on Shock in recent months, one of the biggest (understandably frustrated) responses has been, “Yeah, but it’s only in four theaters.” Thankfully, not after Friday.  

RADiUS has announced its delay of It Follows‘ impending VOD release in favor of expanding the film’s theatrical to 1,200 theaters, come this Friday, March 27th. Following incredible reviews, buzz and word-of-mouth, as well as a strong opening weekend—earning the film $160,089 in just four locations for a per theater average of $40,022—David Robert Mitchell’s creeper will now likely be in a theater near you, where it absolutely should be seen. 

It Follows really is spectacular. As a communal experience, it’s even more so. You over someone’s shoulder, someone over yours, everyone equally unnerved. It’s an eerie, darkly funny ordeal and I hope many of Shock’s readers will be able to get out and see it. 

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