Director: Rings is a Sequel


Director F. Javier Gutierrez, who’s been quite active on Twitter and Facebook during the pre-production stage of Rings, has cleared up a rumor about the upcoming The Ring reboot. 

As it turns out, a report that circulated last week pegging Rings as a prequel, chronicling the origin of viral teen ghost Samara Morgan’s screen hopping abilities, was actually shinfo. Gutierrez tweeted out, following the casting of male lead Alex Roe, “Hey peeps, is NOT a prequel, the story takes place 13 years after :)” The casting of Roe described his character as having watched The tape. It’ll be curious to see how? Has it hit online? Or did Roe and co-star Matilda Lutz get hit with the 90s nostalgia wave and dig up a VHS?

You can see the tweet, below. For more, follow Gutierrez on both Twitter and IG. He’s very sharing of the process. If you haven’t, also check out his first feature, the apocalyptic Before the Fall.


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