Bubblegum Pop: Keke Palmer Stars in a Scream Queens Teaser



Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy’s upcoming horror-comedy anthology series Scream Queens is in teaser mode, presenting a vibe distinct from the sort of abstract, strange pieces that herald their other terror show, American Horror Story

Where FX’s teasers for AHS are often stylish, unsettling works, Scream Queen‘s fall network debut is being announced via pastel colored pieces, wrapping the horror (in this case, a devil face) outwardly from the bubblegum world of a sorority and college campus. The latest is largely similar to last week’s, only starring the show’s Keke Palmer, instead of Emma Roberts. The two co-star alongside Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, the newly announced Nasim Pedrad, genre royalty Jamie Lee Curtis and Oliver Hudson, who was just cast in place of the exiting Joe Manganiello. 

Scream Queens premieres this fall on FOX and concerns a campus struck by a series of murders. Find the Palmer and Roberts teasers, below.