Sion Sono’s Insane, Must-See Tokyo Tribe out this Fall



Sion Sono is a madman. I know this because I’ve seen at least half of his filmography. I continue to know this because I’ve seen Tokyo Tribe, an ultraviolent hip hop musical, a film so insane that upon its end I wasn’t sure was real. Thank god someone’s releasing it in the U.S. 

No, Tokyo Tribe isn’t a horror movie. It is however an utterly chaotic oddity, a total spectacle of unhinged, but remarkable filmmaking. It is strange and undefinable. It is again, a Sion Sono film. XLrator Media has acquired the movie for a Fall 2015 release, and CEO Barry Gordon is correct in the following statement: “Audiences have never seen anything like Tokyo Tribe…” He goes on, but that’s what’s pure and true.

Tokyo Tribe is set in “a futuristic, alternate Tokyo made up of ghetto slums and nightclub playgrounds, territorial street gangs rule the city. The opposing factions – each with their own distinctive style — control different neighborhoods and crossing territorial lines leads to riots and rumbles. When a megalomaniacal gang leader tries to invade the other gangs’ turf, the city explodes into an all-out war.”

Tokyo Tribe, never ever die. Enjoy the tease, below.