SXSW 2015: Programmer Jarod Neece Previews the Midnighters



Go ahead, run down the upcoming SXSW Midnighters. It won’t take long to get to your first, “eww.” In a slate of films premiering late into the evening, that’s certainly felicitous, if admittedly surprising. SXSW, after all, isn’t just big. It’s a multifaceted, popular fest that grows each year, of which film is just one part, and of which genre film is just one part of that. It’s an aspect programmer Jarod Neece takes deadly, weirdly serious though. Of a total 150 features, the SXSW Midnighers comprise eleven. And this year, Neece went hard. 

Violent, repulsive eating, both of flesh and of cake. Necrophilia. Cults. Metal. Henry Rollins. Impalings. Gore. Head Explosions. Grue. And Adam Mason. It seems this go ‘round, Neece and his colleagues at SXSW are looking to introduce new and interesting filmmakers in uncomfortable, startling and darkly fun manner. And like a mischievous kid, Neece knows what he’s done. Before running down the program for Shock Till You Drop, you can almost hear his lips curl and offer a deceptively jolly, “They’re good films, and we love ‘em all.”

SXSW FIlm kicks off this Friday the 13th in Austin, Texas. Find Neece’s words on all of the Midnighters, below and expect much more on the films here at Shock.