Trailer: What do Mark Neveldine’s Vatican Tapes Capture?



What does a Mark Neveldine-directed horror film look like? One half of the duo which brought us the manic, unhinged Crank films has helmed the possession/exorcism-based The Vatican Tapes solo. It looks to go big, but what about as brash? 

Demonic voices, regurgitation (oh man, the Deviled Eggs puns today), levitation, eye trauma; all the requisites are seemingly on hand for Neveldine, Djimon Honsou and Michael Pena’s battle against the impending antichrist resurrection via a young blonde. But what will set it apart? There’s certainly some striking images—a fast track across the ceiling, a possessed girl perched in the attic, that bird through the glass, the bath of light. It’s also perhaps refreshing it seems to be the devil on hand, and not one of its lower guard.  

The Vatican Tapes is out May 22nd from Lionsgate, and as of this week is going up against Poltergeist. Hopefully, Neveldine can incite some Satanic Panic in the process. [Yahoo]