Grindhouse & Cult Movie Mania Team for Cannibal Classics on VHS



The VHS love and revival is so real. Collecting is at a high, there are multiple docs on the subject and new films like House of the Devil, Almost Human and Beyond the Black Rainbow have received specialty cassette releases. Now, beloved cult horror films, which found their audience on tape in the first place, are garnering reissues from shock cinema mavens Cult Movie Mania and their new teamup with the essential Grindhouse Releasing. 

In a joint venture, Grindhouse and Cult Movie Mania will be releasing Limited Edition VHS’ of beloved horror films, starting with two notorious cannibal classics, Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust and Umberto Lenzi’s Cannibal Ferox. The press release reveals, “The Cannibal Ferox tape will include the ultra-nasty, completely uncut feature film along with bonus video of the Cannibal Ferox Hollywood Premiere, an interview with director Umberto Lenzi, and trailers. It will also feature exclusive new artwork painted and designed by horror director Marcus Koch (100 Tears, Rot) and a poster only available with this edition of the movie. The Cannibal Holocaust tape will include the uncut feature film in its nauseating entirety, plus the Cannibal Holocaust music video and trailers. The striking new special edition artwork, featuring design by Chamuco ATX and illustration by Vader Paz, will come in three different collectible color variants. Each tape also comes with a matching poster exclusive to this release.”

The details of the release also announce further exciting plans, including a “Lucio Fulci VHS Double Feature containing his masterpiece The Beyond and the ultra-bloody Cat in the Brain. That will be followed by the first ever VHS edition of An American Hippie in Israel, the long-lost, completely insane Israeli-made hippie cult classic that will freak you out.”

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