15 Essential: Date Movies for Horror Nerds

Valentine’s Day is upon us. 

For most “normal” folks, this means candlelight dinners, chocolates, a walk in the park, a game of bocce (if you’re Italian or from Delaware), and possibly some romantic canoodling. But what about horror fans who are in love with one another? These usually black-clad misfits march to the beat of a different (often double bass) drummer, listening to Slayer as they try and pick out a silver, upside down cross to wear on date night. You can call it a stereotype or cliché, however the shoe usually fits our hairy hobbit feet 99% of the time.

And that’s OK. 

Because when it comes to selecting a motion picture to share with their significant other, things can get a whole lot more fun (if a bit tricky). Do you go with a tried and true, blood splattered classic? Or do you try and impress your demented swain with a deep cut; hand picked with an eye for making an impression? Sometimes the choices can seem endless. This list is a compilation of suggestions for that special someone; a hodgepodge of sex, rock n’ roll and straight up dread. Hopefully when V-Day (or simply the next time “movie night” rolls around), it can act as an aid in choosing that right title to share with your own personal Corpse Bride (or Groom). 

Jacob Knight is an Austin, Texas based film writer who moonlights as a clerk at Vulcan Video, one of the last great independent video stores in the US. You can find find him on Twitter @JacobQKnight.