Alternate, Bloody Evil Dead Remake Footage Unearthed



2013’s Evil Dead remake, directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Sam Raimi, saw its UK television premiere this past week. To the surprise of many, this premiere was in its totally uncut form, featuring at least four scenes of deleted and alternate footage that fans of the film have been clamoring for. 

Bloody Disgusting posted the YouTube videos of the missing Evil Dead footage, some of which you’ll likely recognize from the trailer which got us all so hyped in the fall of 2012. The biggest get, though not that exciting of a scene, is an extended ending in which Jane Levy’s one-armed Mia stumbles on down the road and asks for help from a stranger. Also included is the possessed Mia singing from the cellar door and Shiloh Fernandez’s moment with a chainsaw. 

The posting of the footage hasn’t yet sparked any word on a release of the extended cut. Shock will update accordingly, if so. Evil Dead 2013 of course followed a group of friends attempting to help one of their own get clean in a secluded cabin. They stumble upon the Book of the Dead, read it and the rest is deadite history. The film hasn’t spawned a sequel, but Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert are currently hard at work continuing the original Evil Dead timeline for an upcoming Starz series entitled Ash vs. Evil Dead. You can read more on that here.

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