The Week in Shock 1/11 – 1/17



Twin Peaks takes shape, The ABCs Of Death goes to court, a whole lot of Hannibal and more in Shock’s look back at the week… 

Here’s what you might have missed:

• Penny Dreadful’s Second Season looks rad

• The UK’s celebrated Arrow Video is expanding to North America. Its first titles include Mark of the Devil, Blood and Black Lace, Blind Woman’s Curse and more.

• Sam Rockwell called the upcoming Poltergeist remake “more of an adventure.”

• We got the official trailer for the Skype-set spring horror Unfriended

• Writer Alex Garland is talking to Danny Boyle “seriously” about a 28 Months Later.

• Laura Palmer, Agent Cooper and Bobby Briggs are all officially returning to Twin Peaks.

• The ABCs Of Death was deemed harmful to juveniles in an Ohio court.

• Alyse Wax recaps American Horror Story: Freak Show and what do you now, there’s another Asylum connection.

• Shawn Macomber visits Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum and tours the fascinating Art of Mourning exhibit, bringing back a gallery of death masks, hairwork and other tribute crafts in the process.

• Just as Francis Dolarhyde is cast on NBC’s Hannibal, Jacob Q. Knight looks back at Michael Mann’s stellar Red Dragon adaptation, Manhunter.

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