Fuller and Form Talk The Developing Friday the 13th and Ouija 2


Friday the 13th, Jason

And by talk, I mean mention. And by mention, I mean in very brief sentences. The news is barely there! 

As I noted in my Most Anticipated of 2015, there’s a new Friday the 13th film slated for release this November. Will we see it take form by then? It’s certainly possible, considering how quickly studio horror’s current major franchises (Paranormal ActivityThe Purge) have previously turned around. Even Larry Zerner, of Friday the 13th Part 3 noted on Twitter, “On F13-3d we started filming in March and release was 8/13, so it’s still possible..” And so, it’s not terribly surprising that producer Andrew Form, speaking to Collider, said, “Just working on the script still. Hoping to make that movie this year…” Perhaps more interesting is the seeming lack of hard commitment to making November 13th. 

Form also added, “…and Brad, I’m gonna confirm that Jason is in the movie.” Of course, Jason is also in 1980’s Friday the 13th.

As far as a follow-up to last October’s teen horror entry Ouija, Form’s regular co-producer and Platinum Dunes co-creator Brad Fuller, also speaking to Collider, simply states, “Ouija 2 is coming.”

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