The Tooth Fairy Comes to Hannibal



Hannibal, NBC and Bryan Fuller’s stunning interpretation of Thomas Harris’ iconic characters and their stories has had many viewers questioning when exactly they’ll get to reinterpretation. The series has brought Mason Verger into the fold, but has all distinctly taken place pre-Red Dragon. Now it seems, Francis Dolarhyde’s time has come. 

Previously portrayed by Tom Noonan in Michael Mann’s Manhunter and Ralph Fiennes in the Brett Ratner-directed Red Dragon, Francis Dolarhyde will come to Hannibal in the form of Richard Armitage (The Hobbit movies), reports TVLine. Dolarhyde is perhaps better known as The Tooth Fairy, a killer who slaughters entire families and has a gruesome penchant for biting with his massive teeth.

The site reports Armitage and The Tooth Fairy will have a six episode-run on the series’ third season. In 2013, Fuller envisioned Red Dragon would encompass Hannibal Season Four. No word on if that’s actually changed, or if this will simply serve as an extended introduction to the murderer. 

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