New Trailer: Italian-influenced Horror Anthology, Phantasmagoria



Phantasmagoria is a three-part anthology from directors Mickael Abbate, Domiziano Christopharo and Tiziano Martella which aims to recall both classic and Italian horror. Check out its latest trailer (debuted at Twitch) in anticipation of screening at the NY Horror Show this weekend. 

Phantasmagoria “offers original visions of fear in three gripping films that encompass the breadth of the genre: ‘Diabolique,’ ‘A Snake with a Steel Tongue’ and ‘My Gift to You.’ Three different shorts about spiritual belief and supernatural phenomenona able to surprise the audience in showing original, fascinating and scary stories drawing on the traditional genre flavors of Thriller, Supernatural, Horror-Comedy, Zombie Action and Slasher, filtered through the unique sensibility of each director.”

The film screens Saturday, January 17th as part of the Macabre Faire Film Festival at the NY Horror Show in Hauppauge.

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