Lockdown: A Third Purge is Set for 2016



Continuously expanding this future America and its one, crime spree night a year, Universal and Blumhouse have set a summer 2016 date for a third The Purge film. 

To be written and directed by series creator James DeMonaco,there’s no word yet on when or where a third Purge film will take place. The series lives in a future U.S. where a new government, The New Founding Fathers, have an enacted an event in which one night a year, all crime is legal. The first took the form of a home invasion film, as a gang of masked preps pursued a man inside the home of a wealthy family on Purge night. Last year’s The Purge: Anarchy opened up the world, following a grief-stricken Frank Grillo on a vengeance mission. He’s then side-tracked by innocents caught outside and the growing conflict between a government wiping out its lower class citizens and a developing resistance.  

Blumhouse has announced the third Purge will release July 1, 2016. 

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