The Voices: Mr. Whiskers Makes Ryan Reynolds Do Bad Things



Marjane Satrapi’s pop-colored comedic horror show The Voices is anticipated in a new, delightful, if revealing trailer. 

Though full of murder and mayhem, The Voices is delightful. Satrapi’s playful, twisted film turns the color and violence all the way up in its chronicle of a mentally imbalanced nice guy spurred to kill by his talking cat. Ryan Reynolds stars (and kills), as does Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick and Jacki Weaver. Their separate run-ins with Reynolds’ Jerry are perhaps a bit too laid out in the official U.S. trailer for the film, but trust, Satrapi’s picture is a nutty, unique one and there are plenty of unexpected moments in store.

Lionsgate releases The Voices in theaters and on demand February 6th. EW debuted the clip. 

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