Block Island-Set Anthology, Erebus to Premiere in New York



New England-set indie horror anthology Erebus has an exciting locale at its center: famed Rhode Island summer destination Block Island. Will it make the most of it? 

Erebus is set to have its East Coast Premiere at the Macabre Faire Film Festival, part of the NY Horror Show taking place in Hauppauge, NY, just hours away from the film’s setting. Named for Dutch explorer Adrian Block in 1614—though of course inhabited long before that—Block Island is an atmospheric, beautiful island not far off the coast of either Rhode Island or Montauk Point. Both its picturesque nature, being nestled in the Atlantic, and its long history lends Block a spooky vibe, and it’s perhaps a shame more films haven’t found themselves there.

This one, starring Michael Berryman and directed by Rick Laprade, centers around the Gorham House, a mysterious old hotel with a torrid history of violent occult activity, as well as supernatural, and paranormal. Seeking to document the hotel for a new book, Samantha (Ally Tully), Benny (Michael Zuccola) and Michael (Michael Varrati), journey to investigate the hotel, learning of its terrifying history along the way by relaying three horrifying tales of its previous occupants:

“Devil” – Robert Neville (Michael A. LoCicero) was the reclusive inheritor and owner of the Gorham House in the 1950s. Within the bowels of the hotel he harbors a grotesque secret, which unfortunately for him, just got out.

“Exposure” – Frank Martin (Marc Vos), a 1970s era forensic photographer who is commissioned by the historical society to take on the task of photographing all their properties, starting with the Gorham House. As he begins to photograph the premises his pictures expose malevolent presence and Frank makes the morbid realization that he is not alone…

“Haxan” – When a team of paranormal investigators, in the late 2000s, venture to the Gorham House to investigate the rumored paranormal phenomenon, their pursuit of the supernatural provides their most substantial evidence to date. However, their excitement quickly turns to horror when the contact they establish with the hotel’s residents begins to prove fatal.

Find the trailer for Erebus, below. Erebus screens Saturday, January 17th at 2:30 p.m. as part of the Macabre Faire Film Festival. For info, tickets and schedule, visit The NY Horror Show

Erebus Trailer from Spygirl Pictures on Vimeo.

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