Release Date, Gallery: The Mo Brothers’ Violent Saga, Killers



Almost a year after its Sundance world premiere, Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto’s brutal saga of violent impulse, Killers is hitting the U.S. from Well Go USA. 

Killers is, as you might imagine, a bloody affair that’s both smart and savage as it examines two men, miles and countries apart, connecting over murder. Both the locales and personal styles of both men are essential to Killers which, among other things, seems concerned with the dividing line between slick, cinematic violence and harsh, ghastly reality. In the film, “a series of horrific murders just went viral, posted anonymously by the handsome and seductive Nomura (Kazuki Kitamura), a predator with a taste for torture. Thousands of miles away, disgraced journalist Bayu (Oka Antarra) can’t stop watching – and in a reckless moment discovers he, too, can kill. One man in Tokyo. One in Jakarta.  A serial killer and a vigilante. As the posts multiply and the body count rises, a bizarre and psychotic rivalry begins – and the face-to-face showdown that’s coming will paint the city in blood.”

Directing team Stamboel and Tjahjanto (known as The Mo Brothers) previously directed Macabre, while Tjahjanto is perhaps best known for his “L for Libido” segment in The ABC’s of Death and his V/H/S/2 collaboration with Gareth Evans, “Safe Haven.”

Well Go USA will release Killers in theaters and on demand January 23rd, 2015.