Director Lawrie Brewster Drops Another Owlman Prank, Talks New Films



Through tireless effort, including viral videos featuring his undeniably eerie Owlman creation, Scottish director Lawrie Brewster has managed to create quite the grassroots awareness for independent feature Lord of Tears. The macabre, Scottish mansion-set movie has since garnered acclaim from horror publications and hits from audiences who love to watch unsuspecting bystanders freaked by the gentlemanly creature. Brewster and co-writer Sarah Daly have punctuated their success with another hidden camera piece, this time filmed in the halls of an abandoned morgue. The director spoke to Shock about the video, as well as previewed his next two features in a most showman-like manner.

“This was filmed with portable button cams that are easy to hide in the cracks in walls or old fixtures etc.,” says Brewster. “We filmed over the course of a week picking the best reactions (we always like three!) and kept in contact via walkie-talkie when unwary travelers were headed towards the location. A former morgue building since emptied when the place was operated as St. Kilda Hospital in the 1920s. Perhaps even creepier is the fact that, for a brief time it was converted into a children’s classroom.”

While the pranks are in prep for a “revamped release of Lord of Tears,” Brewster and Daly are toiling in post production on a pair of supernatural horror films expected to hit in 2015. “This includes a brutal supernatural horror involving an ex-soldier and an army of the most terrifying Ravens you, mankind and God has ever witnessed!,” says the director. “That is followed by completion of our supernatural thriller that concerns the investigations of an art expert into the authenticity of a life size clockwork doll from the 1750s, revealing some secrets so horrifying and disturbing that it may be one of the most uncanny horror films yet! It certainly felt that way when I had goosebumps directing it!”

“We’ve also been involved at the regular commercial level co-producing, along with Dark Dunes Productions and Taormina Film, Kids Vs Monsters, which is a monster comedy starring Malcolm McDowell and Lance Henriksen,” Brewster adds. “You can expect announcements of titles and Kickstarters for the purposes of pre-order in Spring 2016! In the meantime we’ll be producing ever more elaborate horror pranks… just a little more spine tingling than your normal prank comic fare!” 

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