Update: Manson Girls Still Exists, Plans to Shoot in 2015


Bill Moseley The Devil's RejectsWill Manson Girls ever get made? Our last report about this film came way back in 2011 and still, today, we’re getting updates. The latest being that the film is expected to roll cameras in February 2015.

Susanna Lo is still on board to direct and Bill Moseley remains attached as Charles Manson. There have been some changes to the cast though.

According to Deadline, Eric Balfour is the latest to actor to sign up for the film. Monica Keena, Tania Raymonde and Laura Harring have been attached for some time.

The film will focus on disparate stories of the young women who came from various walks of life and aligned with Charles Manson.

UPDATE: Moseley has denied being involved in this project, posting the following on his Facebook page:

“Me as Charles Manson? Not as far as I know. No deal; hell, no one’s even negotiating. So think twice before you contribute to some fan funding. Just sayin’.”