There Are Monsters Presents a Found Footage ‘They Live’-Like Scenario


There Are MonstersA film that wasn’t on our radar until the American Film Market this year is There Are Monsters, a film screening now and looking for distribution that was written and directed by Jay Dahl.

Matthew Amyotte, Jason Daley and Michael Ray Fox star.

There Are Monsters is a feature length horror based upon the apocalyptic premise that the world is being taken over – slowly, quietly and efficiently – by creatures that look exactly like us.

The story follows a graduate-student film crew who, on a work-related road trip, discover evidence of these doppelgangers. Soon the crew realizes something is very wrong as the world changes before their eyes, and their cameras. Shot in a documentary style, the film is a tense, realistic journey into a terrifying urban landscape.

The film is no relation to the another There Are Monsters that was announced earlier this year with The Strangers Bryan Bertino attached to direct.

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