The Wild & Weird American Film Market Poster Gallery

file_16985_0_afm2011This is my seventh year attending the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California. Not much has changed. Well, maybe one thing has changed. You now need a badge to enjoy the terrace that overlooks the ocean. This is where many go to rub elbows, get drunk and maybe strike a deal or two. The restricted access now means average joe filmmaker who didn’t buy an AFM badge can’t swing by and schmooze. Everything else about the American Film Market? Business as usual.

This is where films go to find a distributor or find financing or a sales rep to find distribution and financing. And per usual, there’s plenty of fun – sometimes absurd, sometimes awesome – sales poster art on display. Below, you’ll find a gallery of art I found during my stroll through the AFM during day 1. Some of these films are done, some are on the way and some are hoping they’ll be brought to fruition.


Marvel and DC