Lightning to Bring GirlHouse & The Blackout to AFM


lightning entertainmentMore out of the American Film Market on the eve of its start here in Los Angeles… Lightning Entertainment is taking out The Blackout and GirlHouse, two new titles to land on our radar. These are films that are merely looking for distribution right now. They’ll be touted and looking for a home at AFM.

The former is by Louis Mandylor, while GirlHouse comes courtesy of Trevor Matthews and Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer).

The Blackout stars Lymari Nadal, Costas Mandylor, Jordan Marder, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Bill Sage, Abe Benrubi, and Grant Harvey. 

Martin and Julia (Lymari Nadal) leave New York City to return to the small town where Martin grew up. The house his father lived in hasn’t been touched since his passing. People in the town recognize the handsome man as his father’s son. Julia, his pregnant wife, likes the cozy countryside and makes herself at home.  

Four college kids hike through the woods and camp at the top of a scenic hill. Jim (Mandylor) has lived in the town for years, and since his wife’s passing he has built a comfortable life for himself, fishing and playing chess with friends over his short wave radio. Then the power goes out. It doesn’t take long before food and supplies become scarce, fights break out, and people start to panic. The worst of humanity surfaces in only a few days.

Things take a turn for the worse when a few men, lead by a convict named Lee ( Blevins), decide to take what’s left for themselves. The Sheriff makes a stand to try and stop them and regrets it. Jim gets his weapons ready and prepares for what’s coming. Martin tries to stay calm until his wife’s pregnancy is no longer at risk. The college kids come down from the peaceful woods into the middle of a whirlwind of fear and violence. Everyone eventually crosses paths and things come to a violent head. Some people live, some do not. It only takes a few days of living in fear, with no power or food or water, for humanity to unravel. There was light. Then there was darkness.

In GirlHouse: Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin) is a beautiful young co-ed with cover-girl looks and a desperate need for money to pay her college tuition. Having convinced herself that Internet porn may be the answer to her financial problems, Kylie is recruited to join GirlHouse, a live web-feed broadcasting the sexy antics of a group of stunning young women living in a secluded – and highly-secure – wooded mansion.  One night while Kylie is out, one of the other girls insults an online client (Slaine), a deranged psychopathic computer technician, who then hacks in to determine the house’s location, seeking twisted revenge. Kylie returns to the house to find herself cut off from the outside world and in a terrifying fight for survival.