Wirkola is Mulling Over Ideas for Dead Snow 3, Here’s One of Them


Dead Snow 2Tommy Wirkola isn’t ready to put the diabolical, gory world of Dead Snow behind him just yet. He may have a few other projects simmering at the very moment, but if he’s allowed to make Dead Snow 3 it’s something he is open to.

In an interview with Wirkola to discuss Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead (now in select theaters), the director told Shock Till You Drop:

“We have some ideas. We want to make a trilogy some time, if this does well. As you know, he [protagonist Martin] has a woman now, so we can deal with that. Maybe he has half-zombie kids. We haven’t seen half-zombies. We talked about opening the next film showing a zombie birth and it being the worst birth ever. These are just ideas for now, but I feel one more [film] could happen if this one does well.”

I’m sure, somewhere in that mix, you’ll have to include some Nazi zombies…what is the series without those bastards?

Wirkola recently revealed that he has turned in his script for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2, however, he will not be directing it. One project that he’s currently developing is a film with Noomi Rapace (Prometheus). We’ll keep you posted when Wirkola selects his next directorial effort.

Meanwhile, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead stars Vegar Hoel, Stig Frode Henriksen, Martin Starr, Ørjan Gamst, Ingrid Haas and Jocelyn DeBoer. The synopsis: They’re not just zombies. They’re Nazi zombies. And there’s a lot of them. On the orders of a rotten Führer, the zombies from Dead Snow return to settle old German scores. In the continuation of the epic splatterfest from 2009, Martin, the sole survivor of the first movie, prove that there’s more badass shit in Northern Norway than even Nazi zombies would be prepared for. The table is set for a massive revenge epic, where blood, guts, brains and throats are not the only things dredged up from the darkness. Old hatred never rots.