Midnight Meat Train Actor Has a Dark Craving in Awaiting


Awaiting - Tony CurranAwaiting is a new horror film in post-production that Shock is getting word of. The film is written and directed by Mark Murphy (of the upcoming film The Crypt) and it stars Tony Curran, Peter Woodward, Rupert Hill and Diana Vickers.

Curran has a few horror films under his belt including Midnight Meat Train and Underworld: Evolution. Woodward was last seen in NBC’s Dracula and Vickers is a singer and former The X Factor contestant in the UK. And Hill, meanwhile, starred in Entity.

In Awaiting, a stranded businessman named Jake (Hill) is rescued by a psychotic simpleton with cannibalistic tendencies and his daughter, and held against his will. Jake soon realizes that he is stranded and his presence in their house gradually reveals unexpected and dark mysteries from the past.

We’ll keep you posted with more details as this UK thriller wraps post-production.

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