Shock Till You Drop’s 2014 Halloween Horror Movie Guide – A Look at 50 Films!


2014 Halloween Movie Guide

Yes, a Halloween horror movie guide already. I always feel like September is a time of soft preparation for the juggernaut that is October. You’re thinking about what kind of costume you’re going to pull together. You’re also likely going through that extensive horror movie library and flagging the films you’d like to revisit. Yet, at the same time, you’ve got one eye on the upcoming movies release list to balance the “old” with some “new.” There’s nothing like the feeling of discovering a newly released horror film during Halloween. Seasonal movie programming is essential at this time of year, I think you’ll agree, so it’s time to look at what is out and what’s on the way between now and October 31st in theaters, on VOD and on DVD.

Give thanks to the VOD and DVD market because, without it, you would be fairly dry in the “theatrically released film” department. Sure, there’s a fair share of these films that are going into theaters, but we’re talking limited releases only. As far as the nationwide offerings, there are three or four.

Take a gander below. I’ve broken it down so the films are in order of release date. Then you’ll find distro plan, synopsis, relevant links…