Yes, There Will Be a Hannibal Tie-In Cookbook



I pondered on Twitter early in Hannibal season two if NBC and showrunner Bryan Fuller would consider a cookbook based on the Hannibal television series. Guess what? One is in the works!

Speaking to our brother site CraveOnline, Fuller confirmed, “That is in development. Yeah, there’s a cookbook in development and there’s also a fantastic ‘Art of Making of Hannibal.’ […] I saw some pages from it. It’s a gorgeous book.” He added that the cookbook will feature those beautiful dishes seen in the series and a few recipes from the Thomas Harris novels.

At Comic-Con last month, the “art of” book was discussed as being a 2015 release but no official date has been set.

In the meantime, look for Hannibal season 2 on Blu-ray September 16th and stay tuned for more of Shock’s chat with Fuller early next week! He recently commented on rumors that Jodie Foster would guest direct in season 3 – read about that right here.