The Conjuring & Annabelle Collectibles Are In the Works


Annabelle teaser posterOne of the biggest recent horror hits – The Conjuring – is inspiring a line of collectibles, says The film, directed by James Wan, was the horror smash of last year and it has inspired a spin-off film, Annabelle, which is reaching theaters October 3rd.

Per the site:

Mezco Toyz announces that they have acquired the license to The Conjuring, 2013’s surprise hit horror film.

The movie centered on a paranormal investigation team – the Warrens – who come to the assistance of a family experiencing increasingly disturbing events in their farmhouse.

Some of The Conjuring’s creepiest moments were with Annabelle, a possessed doll. Annabelle, the doll so evil even the Warrens were afraid of her, now returns to the big screen in Annabelle, a film dedicated to her terrifying origin.

The film opens worldwide October 3rd.

Mezco reports that they will be producing Annabelle as a Living Dead Doll… along with many more scares tucked away for the future.

The Annabelle “Living Dead Doll” is a no-brainer. As a promotion for The Conjuring last year, they sent the press mini-dolls that freaked everyone out.

What else could we see down the road. Cuddly Warren dolls? A creepy witch thing from The Conjuring?