The New Underworld Film Has Its Writer, Reboot Term Thrown Around


file_164615_1_underworld48Not too long ago I was tipped off that we would be hearing about the new Underworld film sooner than later. I tweeted this, but couldn’t find much weight to it to justify writing a full-on news item about minuscule rumblings.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting tonight, however, that Lakeshore has tapped Cory Goodman to write the new film.

Now, the outlet is calling the new film a “reboot” but that term has been drawing confusion lately. For instance, when Shane Black was attached to a new Predator film, it was being called a “reboot.” Black stepped forward and clarified it was a sequel that stayed canon.

So, is Lakeshore truly just rebooting Underworld which – in my mind – means starting over? Or, are they going to resume where they left off in 2012 with Underworld: Awakening, give start Kate Beckinsale a send-off and give us a new lead to carry us through more films?

If you recall, in the last entry, Beckinsale’s Selene was strapped with a daughter and looking for Michael (Scott Speedman’s character). Seems odd that they wouldn’t want to get some closure on that.

Goodman penned Priest for Screen Gems as well as The Brood remake that doesn’t appear to be happening now (since we haven’t heard about it in years).