Seed 2 Gets a New Title and a Release Date


Blood ValleyIn early 2013, production began on Seed 2: The New Breed, a sequel to Uwe Boll’s mean-spirited 2007 serial killer film Seed.

Writer-director Marcel Walz took over the sequel duties and we’re getting word the film is now going to hit DVD and VOD on October 7th under the new title Bloody Valley: Seed’s Revenge.

I wonder how many people are just going to see this and think, “Who the hell is Seed?” At least when it was carrying the Seed 2 moniker, it implied it was a sequel to something.

Christa Campbell, Caroline Williams, Natalie Scheetz and Nick Principe star.

In this entry:

While driving home from a bachelorette party, Christine and her friends come across a mysterious woman who leads them straight into mass murderer Max Seed’s trap. Seeking revenge from a mishap years ago, the blood soaked madman is determined to inflict an insufferable pain to anyone who crosses his path.