Netflix Horrors: Recommends & the Latest Titles Added to Instant 8/26

Netflix Instant

“Netflix Horrors” is a regular column in which Shock Till You Drop alerts you to the latest genre titles to hit the VOD service. Okay, so it has been six days since our last update and while I usually wait for a bunch of titles to drop to alert you of what to watch and avoid, I got greedy today and had to tell you about the one horror film that was made available today.

It’s called Blood Glacier and I reviewed this creature feature a few months ago right here. Needless to say, it comes recommended, but click on that review link if you’d like to know more.

Synopsis: Working in a remote outpost of the German Alps, technician Janek and a cohort of scientists are stunned to discover a bleeding blood glacier parked high up in the mountain range.  As the gory infected berg melts the blood attracts the local wildlife only to transform them into hellish hybrids and monstrous mutations.  As this fusion of nightmarish creatures evolves in the life-giving mountain air, a second group including Janek’s ex-girlfriend advance towards the base in what will become a showdown of humans vs. nature upended into giant wood lice, beetle-foxes, crossbreed flying predators and much, much worse.Imagine every creature that makes you shiver fused into one and meet your ultimate fears up at… Blood Glacier!

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