This Artist Gives Modern Horror Films the VHS Cover Treatment


Trick r Treat VHS

Artist Chris MacGibbon is the man responsible for a series of contemporary horrors films that are being given the VHS cover treatment. Imagine if Trick ‘r Treat or Sinister or The Descent came out in the ’80s… They’re respective VHS releases might look like this. This art has been circulating across Reddit for a few days now (via Imgur), we’ve collected them all for you here. This isn’t the first time MacGibbon has done this either. He’s popped up on the pages of Shock before for similar VHS art. The guy definitely has a talent for this!

As you’ll see, he was particularly inspired by the Ford Brothers’ The Dead giving it two VHS cover treatments and interesting to see that he even created one for the Canadian indie feature Exit Humanity

Which one is your favorite?