Tyler Mane, Todd Farmer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Gets Bloody


mane-farmerThe ALS ice bucket challenge has bled into the world of horror. Today, both Tyler Mane (Halloween) and Todd Farmer (Jason XDrive Angry) took part in the movement that’s raising awareness about ALS and collecting donations. Everywhere you turn, folks are participating and taking their ice bucket challenge videos to social media.

Mane and Farmer, the good eggs that they are, are being practical about the challenge.

Both California residents opted to use a substitute for their challenge since the state is currently going through one of the worst droughts we’ve seen. Further, the two challenged Kane Hodder, Nicolas Cage, Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris and Rob Zombie to participate.

Check out their video below. I like that Mane is seen just kicking back with a glass of wine. “Conserving water”…