Ten Years Have Passed, Time for a Cabin Fever Remake

Cabin FeverI've been a bit slammed today, hence the lack of "Monday Discussion" – but honestly, feel free to cut loose in our comment boards on this one, because it is legitimately irksome. Especially when we get original horror films playing in theaters…and they do just "so-so" to "poor" at the box office because no one is turning out to see them. When that happens we get… A Cabin Fever remake.

Well, to say we're getting one for sure it a bit premature, however, the intent is there, so says B-D.

Cassian Elwes and Evan Astrowsky are spearheading this redo of the Eli Roth-directed 2003 release and I honestly can't see any reason why there is an intent to retread this bloody ground all over again. Yes, you can question any remake, but this in particular is truly puzzling, especially since a direct-to-DVD/VOD entry – Cabin Fever: Patient Zero – is on the way (another sequel was planned but has reportedly been scrapped).

Will a Cabin Fever remake happen? We'll see. But know that there's two producers looking to do it.

So, do we deserve nice things like original horror movies in theaters on a regular basis? Because it sure doesn't feel like it. When people don't come out for originals, well, we get this sorta thing.


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