Dan Trachtenberg, Bad Robot Team for Thriller Valencia

portal3Here's a thriller that could swing in any genre direction, but we're going to officially put it on our radar. It sounds like it has a Twilight Zone-esque vibe. 

Dan Trachtenberg is taking the director's chair on a microbudget thriller titled Valencia, The Wrap reports. Trachtenberg, who has worked until now as a commercials director, was responsible for the short fan film Portal: No Escape, (pictured) released online in 2011.

Valencia was originally scripted by Josh Campbell and Matt Steucken with Dan Casey having recently provided a rewrite. It follows a girl who, after losing consciousness in a car accident, wakes up in an underground cellar with a strange woman who tells her that the outside world has perished in a nuclear attack.

Trachtenberg was also named last year as the director of New Line's planned adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra's acclaimed comic book series Y: The Last Man. That project has not, as of yet, shown any quantifiable progress with Vaughn having recently suggested that there's a very good chance the rights will ultimately revert back to him and Guerra.

Valencia plans to shoot this fall with Bad Robot and Paramount Insurge producing.


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