CinemaCon Godzilla Footage Detailed Here

hr_Godzilla_21?Ed Douglas writes in yet again from Las Vegas where he is attending CinemaCon, an event that previewed plenty of movies coming up over the next couple of months and through the summer. Yesterday, we heard from Ed when he told us about what he had seen from Deliver Us from Evil. Today, we've got a report about the Godzilla presentation. Here's what he had to say…

The footage that made the biggest splash (pun intended) was the footage shown from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' first movie of the summer, which expanded upon footage that's been shown in various places over the past few months. Director Gareth Edwards came out to give a rather modest but effective introduction to his revival of Toho Studios' beloved movie monster before showing an extended trailer that begins with a scene of Bryan Cranston's wife in a hazmat suit as some sort of accident causes a gas leak that presumably kills her as Cranston runs to try to save her, to no avail. Cranston's speech from the most recent trailer has a bit more impact knowing that Godzilla's surfacing might have been responsible for her death.

From there, we cut to a tropical holiday location, possibly Hawaii or Southeast Asia, where we see a little girl on the beach looking out into the ocean that begins to rise above the people as they flee frantically and a large tsunami wave crashes down upon them and through the streets. From a building above the flooding waters, someone shoots flares off a nearby roof that lights up Godzilla's scaly skin towering above the rooftops. The rest of the footage seemed somewhat rejiggered from previous trailers while only giving us the briefest glimpses of Godzilla himself and adding plenty of tension. The footage went over quite well, especially since it's clearly one of the summer's movies that will really warrant being seen on the big screen.

The latter sounds a bit like what we reported on out of SXSW. For Ed's full Warner Bros. report, heading to!


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