Watch the First Episode of Enormous! Exclusive Chat With Director Here…

Enormous posterMachinima, writer-director BenDavid Grabinski and Troll Hunter helmer Andrew Ovredal teamed up for the new web series Enormous, based on the comic book of the same name. Today, the first episode made its debut and you can watch it here.

Starring Steve Brand, Ceren Lee, Erica Gimpel, Garret Coffey, Billy Miller and Charles Melton, the series is a post-apocalyptic tale that follows a band of scavengers contending with other survivors and something…much bigger.

On bringing Enormous to life, Grabinski says, "It was all about making this as cinematic as possible, without money or time and not make any compromises. There wasn't time for storyboards or any major prep – except for the eyeball encounter [which you’ll see] – all the camera moves were purely improvisational."

"I love this shit, anything that has giant things fucking shit up is fun to me," Grabinski enthuses of the material, "especially if you can do it in a somewhat sophisticated way. It's primal and exciting."

Regarding the monstrosity on display you'll see here in episode 1: "This monster is my own design and by that I mean I had some ideas and worked with a concept artist. We had to cobble together a monster quickly, put together a design in 12 hours and send it off to the FX guys. It was a fun experience evolving this creature in art with dimensionality and then seeing it come together in six weeks with the FX. Usually you have months and months in design, but this was an interesting process."

Grabinski says the pilot came together in eight weeks…impressive! Watch the first episode below.


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