SXSW Posters for Stage Fright and Honeymoon


slasherFirst of all, let's talk about how great this SXSW poster is for Stage Fright. This one-sheet along with a festival poster Honeymoon hit the web and we have them for you here.

Although we've discussed both films in our on-going SXSW preview leading up to the fest, here are the plot crunches for both films again…

About Stage FrightScream meets Glee in this dark comedy musical about a starry-eyed teenager Camilla Swanson who aspires to follow in the footsteps of her Broadway diva mother. Instead she's stuck working in the kitchen of a snobby performing arts camp. Determined to change her destiny, she sneaks in to audition for the summer showcase and lands a lead role in the play, but just as rehearsals begin, blood starts to spill, and Camilla soon finds herself terrified by the horror of musical theater.

Honeymoon: Rose Leslie (of Game of Thrones) stars alongside Harry Treadaway (Control, Penny Dreadful). The two play Bea and Paul and what starts out as an idyllic honeymoon for them devolves into terror as romance is interrupted by something unexpected and sinister.Ben Huber and Hanna Brown star. I'm hearing this one delivers some good jump scares. Check out the photos that have been released for the film to date…

[Source: AICN, Hitfix]

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