Jeremy Kasten Tackles Bullying in The Dead Ones, New Pics Released


the-dead-ones1Long in the works, The Dead Ones is ready to make its splash on the festival circuit, announces director Jeremy Kasten (The Theatre BizarreThe Wizard of Gore).  The filmmaker has established an official site, Facebook page and Twitter to keep folks in the loop about his latest film and with that web push comes a slew of images (which you can check out right here).

This is the most we've seen from the film, although Kasten has teased what was to come in previous interviews.

In 2011, Kasten told Fangoria the film "is about four high-school students who are given detention to clean a school after hours that looks like a tornado hit.  It’s been torn apart, it’s filthy and disgusting. While they’re there, they start to unravel the mystery of the school’s past, and what they figure out is that a horrible event took place at the school, and their connection to this massacre is intrinsic to the plot and their own backgrounds.”

In a recent e-mail Shock received from the director he also explained: "Although an intensely personal, totally independent film, this is still a tense and terrifying horror movie.  It is a high school ghost story.  It also happens to be about something that I believe is important to discuss – more so now than ever. It is about bullying, school shootings, and repercussions."

Sarah Harper, Brandon Wilson, Katie Foster, Torey Garza and genre vets Clare Kramer and Muse Watson star.  Go check out the aforementioned links and we'll keep you posted on further The Dead Ones updates!

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