Desura’s Paranormal Kicks Up The Scares With A New Haunt


Video gameParanormal is a first person horror that is reminiscent of Blumhouse’s Paranormal Activity films.  You play an artist whose home is haunted.  You are desperately trying to prove you aren’t crazy by recording the terrifying goings on in your home.  

Paranormal went live in October and was met with much love from horror fans who found something new and frightening every time they logged on.  Developers tend to relax when they have a hit on their hands so they can recover.  No sleep for the Paranormal team though, not in the game and not in real life.  The Desura team has announced that they are bringing you a brand new house to scare the daylights out of you.  

Paranormal is already a good game but the upgrades are setting to make this one a must play. In addition to the new house, Desura will be tweaking scares, removing some and creating others to help drive the character (and player) mad.  Also on its way, more backstory about the house and why its haunted.  This alone will satisfy many ghost seekers out there since that’s usually half the fun. There is no release date set yet for the changes but rest assured, they are working hard to bring them to you soon rather than later.  We’ll keep you posted!

Paranormal – Trailer 3 – Desura