NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby Mini-Series is Still Happening


Rosemary's Baby novelA new adaptation of Ira Levin's "Rosemary's Baby" is on the way in the form of a 4-hour NBC mini-series.  The project will be produced by Lionsgate Television, with Joshua Maurer, Alix Witlin and David Stern serving as executive producers.

Scott Abbott and James Wong will write the screenplay. Wong, as you might know, is one of the key creative players on American Horror Story.  His credits also include Final Destination and episodes of The X-Files.  I'm not justifying that's a good reason they should redo Rosemary's Baby, but his company is welcome on the project.

Agnieszka Holland, who has been nominated for both an Oscar (Europa, Europa) and an Emmy Award (Treme), will direct. Casting will begin immediately.

After getting pregnant, the wife becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband and their neighbors will have ulterior motives when her child is born. The book was later adapted into a feature film directed by Roman Polanski.