First Image of Henry Rollins in He Never Died


Shooting began in Toronto this week on the crime horror-thriller He Never Died.  The film stars Henry Rollins and we have your first look via the image you see below.

Written and being directed by indie helmer Jason Krawczyk, the film finds Rollins playing Jack, a mysterious loner who has lived an inexplicably long life fueled by blood lust and filled withcrime and violence.

"As a character, Jack is perhaps far less than normal, which suits me very well," Rollins says.  "He's not all that bad a guy, which is different. I don't get many of those.He is in a very rare and strange situation and I really want to be part ofthe action."

Rollins is joined on screen by the Twilight franchise star Boo Boo Stewart, Kate Greenhouse, and JordanTodosey. Steven Ogg, who is fresh off his success playing the popular character Trevor in the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V.


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