Annabelle at the Center of a Spin-Off of The Conjuring


Annabelle at the Center of a Spin-Off of The ConjuringWarner Bros. and New Line are putting some serious faith behind what The Conjuring offered over the summer (and by "offer," I mean thrills and box office bucks).

We already know that a sequel is in the works with Chad and Carey Hayes returning to script.  While there are a lot of rumored plot details, nothing has been confirmed.

But that's not all.  The studio is apparently at work on a spin-off film.

According to SchmoesKnow, the spin-off feature will be based on a tale surrounding the Annabelle doll that kicked off The Conjuring.

John Leonnetti – who shot James Wan's film – is going to direct sometime in spring 2014.

So, it's a prequel tale for Annabelle, in some respect, since we saw the tail-end of her mischief at the beginning of The Conjuring before she was housed in Ed and Lorraine Warren's museum.

The question is: Will the studio roll this out as a theatrical film or something direct-to-DVD/VOD?

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